HEALTH PODCASTS #7 Dom talks Vitamin C with Dr Thomas Levy

8 March 2024

In 2006 I went down with a mystery illness, in 2017 it turned out to be Lyme Disease. One of my go to supplements was Vitamin C. From 2006 onwards, I read books and watched countless and seminars on subjects I didn’t know about, one of my most watched people was Dr Thomas Levy, so, it was my pleasure to welcome him on the Podcast. Dr Levy is someone who I hold in very high esteem, he is a board-certified cardiologist, Dr & author , he has written several books, including the two bibles about Vitamin C research in [my humble opinion], Curing the Incurable & Primal Panacea, he’s also wrote Stop America’s #1 Killer, & Death by Calcium and many more all must reads for anyone interested in taking control of their own, health. To say I am an advocate of his work is an understatement.