Is Lyme Disease Man Made?

4 July 2019

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is now used to ostracise or confuse everyone, no-one ever wants to be a conspiracy nutter, do they? We’ve all seen David Icke ridiculed by Wogan in the 90s! I’m not saying there aren’t some whacky folk who like to imagine without proof or common sense that this or that has happened.

But theory is different from fact and facts can be made to look real when they aren’t, so how do you sieve out all the rubbish and get to the truth, well unfortunately you may never get the full truth but you may see glimpses of truth through the evidence trail.

So look at the evidence, always question, and re-question and always, be prepared to change your position. Also, your own truth is not ‘the’ truth, there is only one truth, and most of the time that’s hard to find.

That’s what the term does, the tag of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ stops people from critically thinking or questioning things that don’t feel, sound or look right, people generally want to be vanilla they don’t want to be different and stand out from their peers.

But the fact we are told that we’re individual that we’re all different and we all make independent decisions, seems to be lost on us, if this was correct why would we need to be told? We all try to be, different, individual & independent so much that unknowingly we all end up being the same, pigeon holed into, hobbies, interests, & entertainment that are very similar.

For instance, what would an 80s yuppie think of the following;

‘80s Yuppie, I’m going to sell you a device, you can take videos, photos, make calls, send texts/SMS & email, go on all the global social media platforms, access the internet to banking, book tickets and use the device for work and leisure’. (an 80s yuppie would snap the salespersons hand off this point)

The device will cost about £800, you’ll be tied to a 2-year contract agreement and be charged about £100 a month and if you go over your allotted limit, you’ll be charged higher rates’. (even at this point 80s yuppie would still have one)

BUT in the small print, or invisible print, or the unsaid. ‘We (whoever we is) can & will trace where you are, listen to ALL phone calls and conversations even when you are not transmitting, or your equipment is turned off. We have the ability to peek at all your stored images & videos, follow you on social media, email, internet traffic, & anything you buy. In fact, you can be remote viewed, anywhere in the world!’

This must put a totally different slant on the purchase, but everyone has a mobile phone, right? But we’re ALL DIFFERENT YES?

What I’m trying to say is please keep an open mind.

So, what’s this got to do with Lyme Disease or health in general you might ask?

Those with Lyme Disease know the symptoms, but it’s extremely difficult to detect, at times lying dormant or hiding, even when tested there are a lot of false negatives for Lyme patients, the quality of the NHS blood testing is poor to dreadful, independent testing is better and they have no horse in the game either they only test you they don’t earn additional money from a positive or negative result. Also, conventional medicine recognises LYME but doesn’t know what to do other than prescribe Antibiotics etc.

In fact, if you would ever want to invent a Bio-Warfare Weapon to implant on an enemy Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) via tick species would be a fantastic weapon of choice, a stealth weapon that can disguise itself as other illnesses. It would also be a great investment for the Big Pharma companies as they could sell drugs for various diseases that will never be cured because it’s the wrong diagnosis, perfect!


Conspiracy Nutter?

The name Lyme Disease is a bit of a misnomer really, because the illness is made up from many different types of infections, causing hundreds of symptoms, repairable and irreparable damage to various areas of the body, creating new issues like food allergies & intolerances.

However, you are infected, if you listen to conventional wisdom, by a tick bite, the infected tick burrows its body into you and infects you with a bacterial species of a spirochete called Borrelia burgdorferi, this then leaves a ‘bullseye rash’.

In reality, about 40% are not bitten and never develop a rash (we will address this further in other posts), if you are lucky and you rush straight to the Dr’s and the Dr understands straight away that it could be Lyme (hardly ever happens) and they get you tested and the NHS test shows you’re positive for Lyme, then the Dr’s give you the right Antibiotics at the right dosages (again hardly ever happens), then you may be very lucky indeed. Sadly, though all this does is hold off the infection/s until a later date, with devastating effects.

Lyme is really a Multi Layered Stealth Illness that takes away the very essence of you, and destroys your purpose in life, something just turns off, you look normal, so people think you are making it up, being dramatic. Sufferers lose family and friends because they don’t understand, businesses are lost careers are cut short and we’re thrown on the scrap heap, this isn’t me feeling sorry for myself this is what happens.

When you say you have Lyme Disease, most people still say, ‘what’s that?’ (and no it’s not fear of citrus fruits) and it’s difficult to explain in a sentence, because you haven’t just got a sore leg from playing sport for example, also, people suffer at varying degrees and the illness is bearable and unbearable at different stages on different days at various times of the day.

Whether this is because of higher bodily infections, more toxic overload, weaker immune system, genetic frailties, less or more mental strength, no-one really knows. What is known, is that the illness by the main is totally ignored by governments around the world and not taken serious by the conventional medical establishments around the world either, who seem to like treating the symptoms in isolation and not taking the full picture into account.

If millions of people were infected with a debilitating disease, you’d think it would be on all the main news channels daily warning people of the dangers ensuring we were protected. Well that’s what we have with Lyme, Why?

It’s not new it’s been known about since at least 1975. Before I knew I had Lyme, I was told by a Dr in 2007 ‘I think it’s all in your head’ and by a few so-called friends as well I won’t mention. (they totally forgot who I was prior, bounds of energy and purpose).

The Dr tried to prescribe antidepressants, I don’t entirely blame the Dr’s really (apart from their small mindedness), they are trained, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies, so all they can think about is what drug should I prescribe. I’m not saying they don’t care or that they are not trying their upmost to help, but outside drugs and operations what else really happens, if the drugs and ops don’t work?

Most of the modern-day illnesses and diseases are compartmentalised, hospitals are compartmentalised, Dr’s are too, we have specialists who only look at one thing or one illness.

If you look at all the symptoms of disease most have cross pathways intersecting each other, drugs only mask the symptoms for a time but then side effects kick in months or years after and then more drugs are administered to cover up even more side effects and on and on it goes, meanwhile the patients are totally ignored, why? These are the clever people, apparently.

Anyway, rant over back to Lyme, if the definition of madness is ‘to keep trying the same thing repeatedly, even though it’s not working’, that explains in a nutshell what conventional treatment does for most of the sufferers and some alternative treatments as well.

When people ask me what should I do, I’ve been on antibiotics for 6 months and they don’t seem to be working’? I say ‘your answer is in your question’ they look at me like I’m nuts. If you have Lyme and the Dr or Practitioner is treating you for an illness in isolation and giving you drugs be prepared to fail. And I’m not anti-drugs, for instance if you have a banging Lyme headache and a Neurofen works take it for a quick fix, however if your Dr isn’t looking at your diet for instance then you’ll be taking them all your life I’m sorry to say.

There is no magic wand, what I will say is that there is a future, also, there is no cure, that doesn’t mean there can’t be dramatic improvements, most of us can’t remember normal health, whatever that is anyway Lyme or no Lyme! Healing yourself does have benefits, for the first time you’ll study what you are eating and what it does to you and your family for example.

Just to note;
We don’t want to get into the whole vaccine debate, however in 2018 the USA alone had 30,000 new Lyme cases and these are the reported ones, in 2016 they had 667 measles cases and called it an epidemic!

Plum Island Lyme Disease Connection

Lyme Connecticut, is a small town on the east coast of the USA, in the state of New York, and situated across the water from Long Island, just off the coast there is a small island called Plum Island which sits in the Long Island Sound, on Plum Island there is a research facility called Plum Island Animal Disease Center.

This is/was a Biosafety Level 3 Lab (BSL-3), there are four levels 1-4, with 4 being the highest level. BSL-3 has clearance to work with microbes that cause serious or lethal disease.

After WW2 as part of Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists were brought to the USA (and England) before the Russians could get there hands on them. This was done in conjunction with the Vatican. About 1600 German Nazis were taken to work in the U.S. defense system, the most famous was Wernher Von Braun and his V-2 rocket team, he went on to work for NASA.

Eric Taub, a fellow Nazi, and a germ warfare expert, was brought into the U.S in 1949, he’d worked under that likeable character Hinrich Himmler. He went to work with the CIA, Army, Navy and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). He had already developed vector diseases, these were used during WW2 on the Russian population.

Plum Island Animal Disease Center, What is the Vector for Lyme Disease?

In a book written by Michael Carroll called Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government’s Secret Germ Laboratory (2004). Mr Carroll explains that viruses and bacteria were tested at a facility on Plum Island. They were testing animal diseases like Foot and Mouth for example.

Every year deer migrated by swimming from the island across to the mainland near the town of Lyme. In the facility he uncovered evidence that they were also experimenting with the ‘Black Deer Tick’ which were carried by the deer and migrating birds back to the mainland.

It must be another coincidence that the explosion of new lyme disease cases in the 70s were right next to The Animal Disease Center. (I’m not laughing)

This seems more than plausible, it wasn’t new it was WW2 german bio warfare weaponry. Also a government would never admit something like this. But it’s not really that exotic to think that our governments make germ warfare weapons. Is it? Or would they sit back and allow other countries to make them first?

Health Bunker

We have these labs in the UK, the most famous being Porton Down in Wilshire. Built in 1916 and sitting in 7000 acres. It was built during WW1 as a chemical weapons testing facility, Using our old favourites, Chlorine, Mustard and Phosgene gases. During world war ii, research was concentrated on chemical weapons, like nitrogen mustard and nerve agents, and the lovely Sarin.

It has very dark secrets, like testing a VX nerve agent on 20,000 unsuspecting guinea pigs, mainly armed forces personnel, some of whom died. Hang on wasn’t it near Porton Down where that Novichok nerve agent was found, must be another coincidence, ah yes and that building was blown to bits, out of the blue, and nobody’s ever been charged, and it just happened to have those old records, all destroyed,  around the time of the Novichok poisionings. Another coincidence?
Samples of Ebola from 1976 are stored here and the lab also contains Anthrax and The Plague.


Be Well.

Dom and Nic
Health Bunker
It’s Your Life. Own it!

*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.



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