Lyme Disease and the Heavy Metal Connection

4 June 2019

Heavy Metal Detox Required

If you’ve contracted Lyme Disease you will definitely require a heavy metal blood test, but will it give you a definitive answer? The simple answer to that is NO.

How do we know, well we had tests which showed negative for heavy metal exposure or concentrations? There is no doubt that heavy metals are causing multiple health problems. The fact is that over a lifetime we collect metals from a variety of sources. These heavy metals congregate in areas of the body, like the brain and other major organs. They are stored in both internal and external fat which can then become diseased.

It is well documented in research what contamination of mercury and lead can do to a human being. Lead is now banned in fuel because of the effects it had on our respiratory systems, but mercury is still used, why? Aluminium is also well researched and scientists are ever more convinced of its links to Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. Chloramine is added to our water supply as a disinfectant, this is a mixture of Chlorine and Ammonia believe it or not, that’s why tap water tastes like the local swimming pool.


Common Sources of Heavy Metal Toxicity?

Let’s start with Mercury Exposure
We know mercury is a life-threatening substance to humans, in fact, it’s top of my list. Signs and symptoms of mercury exposure are numerous, here are a few;

  • Tremors
  • Emotional Changes
  • Insomnia
  • Weakness
  • Twitching
  • Headaches

On the face of it, we’ve probably all had 1 or more of these symptoms before, we brush them off and take a painkiller or a sleeping pill. But what if the longer term damage is what we should be concerned with?

5 Products that Have Mercury in Them?

  • Dental Amalgams, these are a leading source of mercury contaminating our bodies. Even if you change to less toxic fillings, the toxic debris can take years to eliminate. The good news is there are now dentists who recognise the dangers of health problems caused by amalgams, which by the way are 50% mercury!
  • Vaccines Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that is used in most vaccines. Like it or not its then injected directly in our blood stream.
  • Fluorescent Light bulbs and lamps including high intensity discharge lamps tanning lamps all contain mercury, CFL compact fluorescent and ECO lighting contain mercury.
  • Batteries
  • Skin Whitening Creams avoid skin lightening or anti-aging products that contain these ingredients “calomel”, “mercuric”, “mercurous” or “mercurio” or “mercury”.
  • Appliances and ‘White Goods’ like chest freezers, washing machines, gas ranges and gas hot water heaters contain mercury switches.

Next On the Fun List is Chloramine

The Chlorine and Ammonia water cocktail. I don’t think anyone thinks these two chemical compounds are part of our 5 a day. Here’s a symptom list;

Immediate signs and symptoms of chlorine exposure;

  • Blurred vision.
  • Burning pain, redness, and blisters on the skin if exposed to gas.
  • Burning sensation in the nose, throat, and eyes.
  • Coughing.
  • Chest tightness.
  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath.


Immediate signs and symptoms of ammonia exposure;

  • Rhinorrhea.
  • Scratchy throat.
  • Chest tightness.
  • Cough.
  • Dyspnea.
  • Eye irritation.


In addition to these Chloramine adds new symptoms;

  • Dyspnea: Upper airway swelling and obstruction
  • Violent cough.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Lightheadedness, brain fog
  • Headache.
  • Chest pain or retrosternal burning.
  • Muscle weakness.

We are told a little bit won’t harm us, however constant ingestion just via the water supply will stack up over a lifetime and create an internal toxic wasteland. Chlorinated chicken dangers are even in the lamestream media so we know the dangers. Yummy!

Here’s how we come into contact with Chloramine on a daily basis:


Water contamination was made famous by the film Erin Brockovich and nothing has changed in the intervening years. As well as Chlorine or Chloramine,

These items below are also typically in tap water;

  • Fluorine or Fluoride – Too much fluoride can lead to dental fluorosis or skeletal fluorosis, which can damage bones and joints.
  • Trihalomethanes (THMs) or Chloroform – is toxic to the liver and secondarily to the kidneys. Skin contact with undiluted chloroform may cause a burning sensation, redness, and blistering.
  • Salts of: arsenic, radium, aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, I’ll leave these for you to think about.
  • Hormones? What hormones in water? Estrogen appears in the drinking water in the form of estradiol. It is the most potent form of estrogen, and it can enter the water supply via contraceptive pill which women excrete through urine or feces.
  • Nitrates – In addition to threats of cancer, nitrate exposure in drinking water can cause a number of health problems such as high blood pressure, blood poisoning, thyroid disorders, and even severe cyanosis.
  • Pesticides

Water is used for, drinking, cooking, it’s in most processed foods, takeaways and restaurants, cosmetics, washing clothing, showering and bathing.

Keep in mind the steam given off during showering is basically chlorine gas a weapon from the first world war.

Also if you think boiling water before drinking will get rid of Chloramine, think again. It will only condense it.


These items we also come into contact with also contain Chlorine;

  • Flame Retardants also contain chlorine as well as bromide and formaldehyde
  • Plastics
  • Solvents tetrachloromethane, chloroform, and dichloromethane
  • Dyes, textile
  • Medicines, antiseptics
  • Paints
  • Insecticides, they spray this stuff on crops then we eat it?

In the United States, the CDC says that ‘long-term complications may occur after breathing in high concentrations of chlorine. Complications are more likely to be seen in people who develop severe health problems such as fluid in the lungs following the initial exposure.’


A lot of studies show that people exposed to high levels of aluminum may develop Alzheimer’s disease. Kidney disease causes less aluminum to be removed from the body in the urine as well. Aluminum is used in a lot of day to day products like;

  • Vaccines – aluminum adjuvants have the potential to induce serious immunological disorders in humans.
  • Antacids, yes they are even putting the stuff in medicine?
  • Dyes, you are wearing aluminium all day every day, so are your kids.
  • Cake mix
  • Processed cheese
  • Deodorants
  • Baking soda powder
  • Tin foil
  • Anodised cookware like Non-stick pans

Did you know the fluoride they put in your toothpaste and in some water supplies is a waste product of the aluminium industry.

What are the symptoms of Aluminum Toxicity?

  • Confusion
  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain, deformities, and fractures.
  • Seizures
  • Speech problems
  • Slow growth in children
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Anemia & Impaired iron absorption which decreases the number of red blood cells.

Recently a film called Vaxxed was released in the USA. It had a premier at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, run by actor Robert De Niro. He was put under immense pressure to ban the film. You see De Niro has an autistic child and when you are looking for answers and all of a sudden you are given the answer you want to tell the world. The film was primarily about how the ingredients of vaccines and the possible link to autism, aluminium being a leading contender. So when a CDC whistleblower admits fraud by the pharmaceutical industry, the CDC and the United States Government it caused a storm to say the least. I advise you to watch it.

Andrew Wakefield Autism Conference


Do You Have Body of Heavy Metals?

So we’ve only covered a few of heavy metals, but you get the general idea of the problem. A lot of the symptoms of heavy metals are the same symptoms Lyme disease sufferers have too is this a coincidence, very doubtful, it’s a definite link. Our bodies are fitted with an in built detox system that should eliminate most of the harmful heavy metals, but with an overload like this it cannot possibly cope, also our body has been damaged and now cannot expel toxins. This is a recipe for disaster.


So what can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

Removing metals is a relatively easy process, removing them all is a different matter. Detox is an overused word there is little explanation of what it actually means. Just drinking a green tea for a new years resolution or going sober for October is not detox.
So what is it, well it’s a lifestyle change and when I say change its a fundamental change.

Why is it that everything we are told is ‘enjoyment’ is actually harming us. Scientists have found high levels of heavy metals in alcoholic drinks like beer and wines and spirits, deodorants and most cosmetics contain aluminium as well as prescription drugs. And we wonder why we’re all getting illnesses, heavy metals are just one of many.


Simple detox rules we follow;

  1. Stop putting toxins into the body

  2. Remove existing toxins

People ask us how long does a detox take I’m going on holiday next week. It could take years is our answer, it’s a continuum. There may also be some repairs from then years of damage caused by years of bad lifestyle. Some of this damage may need to be repaired before any heavy metal detoxification is started. We spent 6 months repairing our digestive system before we started any detox.


Treatments not a full definitive list, but it will give an idea of what can be done;

  • Clean Eating – only fresh low inflammatory foods. No processed or takeaway meals. No Processed Sugar. No Alcohol.
  • Whole House Water Purifier this will take out Chloramine and most of the other contaminants, but it’s not 100%, only distilled water is 100% pure. But at least the main culprits are out.
  • Room Air Purifier it needs to take out VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Oral Chelation EDTA capsules, 30 mins before sauna.
  • IV Chelation
  • AMD IonCleanse
  • Vitamin C, oral dailys doses, IV infusions.
  • Ozone Therapies; Steam Sauna, 10 Pass, Insufflations
  • Amalgam removal, by a fully cooperative dentist who specialises in filling removals
  • High fibre foods like, Psyllium husk powder, Flax Powder, Coconut Flour, Apple Pectin Powder
  • Herbal Tinctures like Cilantro
  • Trace Minerals – if we are taking out the bad stuff the process will also take our essential nutrients as well.


What is the link to Lyme disease and heavy metal toxicity?

If you have Lyme disease you will know it can cause Multiple Sclerosis type symptoms or liver function irregularities and plays havoc with your immune system as well. These symptoms like say memory loss can all be linked with heavy metal exposure. Even without a blood test if you have Lyme heavy metals will play a part, guaranteed. You will definitely need to get rid of these bit by bit, day by day to start feeling any better.


Health Bunker Rant

How have we got to this place? It wasn’t like this 100 years ago. And don’t tell me it’s better now because we live longer, I’m not buying that, it’s an excuse! Living longer and being kept alive are 2 different things. I’m not saying it was better then either, I’m saying we are not making the most of the technology we have or knowledge we have gained, why? Ask an MP.

Also, it’s not apples for apples is it, you can’t equate 19th-century slums with open sewers tenement buildings packed to the rafters 10 to a room with undernourished people, to today. We know this caused disease. And guess what those diseases like cholera, measles & polio all started dropping well before vaccines were introduced. Simply because a few things like open sewers were modernised so they couldn’t spread disease.

We apparently have more knowledge now, we are apparently better-fed use cleaner water have the best medical system, yet more and more people are ill. Why? In the UK guess what the biggest wage bill is? The NHS, it has a wage bill of over £50bn, that’s a big number, its total annual budget is almost as high as New Zealand’s entire gross domestic product. In 2017 they spent £17.4bn on drugs alone, or should I say they gave £17.4bn to Big Pharma. And they put heavy metals in drugs, don’t they?

Spielberg couldn’t write it better. Also, don’t tell me industrial chemicals are bad for the environment one minute because they kill the ecosystem and aquatic life, but it’s ok to spray them on food crops or put it into our water supply or nail polish or in our toothpaste because I’m not buying that either it’s BS!

On a side note, for the first time since WW2 life expectancy has dropped in high-income countries! That’s not on the morning news while you are eating your GMO bran flakes that are fortified with iron filings, is it?

Think about it.

Dom and Nic
Health Bunker
It’s Your Life. Own it!

*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.



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