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25 August 2019

10 Pass Ozone Therapy

In today’s article, we are going to explain Ozone therapy and the huge benefits it has brought us on our Lyme disease quest. Very little is known about ozone therapy work here in the UK. In fact, trying to find this type of treatment is like finding hen’s teeth.

There are many different types of treatment applications utilising the power that ozone has to offer. But generally, these are in clinics who don’t like to shout about positive effects for fear of retaliation from the medical fraternity.

Most of these clinics are based in London or in the South of England. So, if you live in the North or Scotland it’s quite a trip. There will also be a number of appointments because 1 treatment will probably not resolve your issues. So, it means a day off work, train tickets (early morning), maybe a stay over, lunch and dinner, and the costs start stacking.

We looked across Europe, Germany, Mexico and the United States for Ozone Clinics. They seem to be at the cutting edge.

We have actually been using Ozone at home since 2009, so we have learned quite a lot about it. But it wasn’t until we were diagnosed in 2017 with Lyme disease, that we really started using it on a consistent basis to a set program. We perform Ozone insufflations, make Ozonated Water, and use an ozone sauna as part of our Lyme disease remission program.

We tried 10 pass therapy and Prolozone treatments in London, but we live in Yorkshire so the trip took a full day as explained above. We actually wanted to try this treatment for about 3 years. But realised we needed to go through a rigorous detox program and a rebuild of our gut microbiome beforehand, for reasons explained below.

By stimulating the immune system Ozone acts as a powerful antioxidant. This could kick start a clear out of toxins and a die off of infections. Detox of any kind can bring about a recurrence of symptoms so treading carefully is a prudent idea. This detox response is called a Herxiemer reaction or Herx effect.

Ozone Plastic Boot

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is basically 3 oxygen (O2) molecules which makes it ‘Active Oxygen’ or Ozone (O3). Ozone is a clear gas and can be made during thunderstorms via lightning and oxygen combined, waterfalls and UV light. An Ozone generator simulates this natural event in a controlled environment. It is earth’s natural disinfectant.

You can smell it, especially on a damp morning, or on a dog if its been out and smells really fresh. That’s Ozone.


The History of Medical Ozone

Ozone has been known about since it was discovered by a German scientist called C.F. Schonbein in 1840. It has been used to disinfect water supplies, hospital wards and war wounds during WW1. In the intervening years, thousands of studies in Cuba, Germany, Mexico and Russia have found the benefits of using medical ozone.

In fact, there are a lot of countries using the benefits of ozone today.


Why have Ozone Therapy?

Oxygen (O2) is life, every human cell requires oxygen to function properly. Our senses need oxygen, we never really stop to think how important it actually is, we take oxygen for granted. Our lifestyles have become more toxic, our bodies are not as oxygenated. Because of the stressful lives we lead we take shallow breaths, which means we store Co2 in our lungs, this affects our cells.

Energy production requires oxygen. Research has shown that cancer cells stop utilising oxygen and start using glucose as an energy source.

Ozone (O3) is a reactive and active form of oxygen and can restore oxygen levels.

Ozone Plastic Boot

What Does Medical Ozone Therapy Actually Do?

I can only speak for what it has done for us, but ‘Optimum Cellular Oxygenation’ is an essential requirement for a serious disease, it’s also a great preventative treatment. Ozone works for such a wide variety of conditions and diseases, that when I begin to explain what it’s done for us people say; ‘If it was that good why don’t the NHS use it’.

I can’t speak for the government or the GMC, all I can talk about are the results that we have achieved. Ozone in my opinion really gets to the root cause because it gives the cells exactly what they require to thrive.


The History of Ozone 10-Pass

10-pass treatment was invented by an Austrian called Dr Johann Lahodny, a specialist gynaecologist for 31 years, expert in bio-resonance, vital field, oxygen, tachyon therapy, dark field microscopy and founder of high dose ozone therapy.

The procedure uses a specialised Ozone generator. The patient has an IV line, put into a vein and 150-200ml of the patients’ blood is taken which is then infused with Ozone gas.

The blood is then put back into the patient and the procedure is done 10 times, hence the name 10-Pass. The treatment takes about 45-60mins, this is dependent on the quality of vein, blood and hydration of the patient.

Dr Lahodny, says for Lyme disease 10 treatments are required minimum. But his process means a stay in Germany for 2 weeks. Dr Lahodny uses this method to treat infections and conditions including; Auto-immune Diseases, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Chronic Pain and many others.

In our experience, it is difficult to say how long before anyone can see the benefit. Some are within hours some days, some are slight alterations or lessening of symptoms. We had some major shifts in our symptoms.

I’m not one for awards but Dr Lahodny should get all of them. But he won’t.


Treat Lyme Disease with Ozone

In 2009 after nearly 3 years of bad health, we ordered an Ozone generator, an oxygen concentrator and a steam sauna tent. This was our first foray into the world of owning our own home treatment centre. What we realised was that when we went into the sauna, for the duration of about 30 mins, all our symptoms disappeared. So even for that 30 minutes, the relief was fantastic.

Roll on to 2017, after getting our test results we ordered a new ozone generator and this time we used pure oxygen. We started a parasite cleanse using rectal ozone insufflations and ozonated water. This started a clear out of parasites, that amazes me even today 2 years on. (please read our parasite article).

I have also used Ozone bagging or cupping for skin conditions. A Teflon bag is but over the area and sealed, it is then filled with ozone gas.

We will go into these treatment methods and their benefits later in the article.

By 2019 we were ready to start the next phase of our Lyme remission treatment, Ozone 10-Pass treatment.

ozone therapy longevity machine

10 pass ozone therapy

The only main stipulation for Ozone is that it should not be inhaled, especially in large quantities. It is toxic to the lungs and should be handled with care and respect. Protective masks can be worn if required. This will eliminate the fear of inhalation, and fans can be used to keep the gas away from yourself and circulate the air, and open windows.

Herx detox effects are also something to consider, as mentioned above. This is very dependent on how ‘toxic’ you are as an individual.

Any treatment that requires IV or blood work should be carried out by a professional, healthcare practitioner (nurse or doctor).

10 Pass Ozone Benefits

Ozone (O3) is an oxidant, so on the face of it, we should avoid it like the plague. But it’s an oxidant if breathed in, but once it hits the blood (10-pass), intestines (rectal insufflation), digestive tract (ozonated water) or the skin (bagging, cupping or saunas) then it starts to work its magic.

Nothing works miracles, that is not what I’m saying. It still takes time and requires the correct environment to work in. Diet, hydration, toxic landscape of the body and supplementation. Given the right playing field conditions, it could achieve amazing results, like;

  • Modulation of the Immune System allowing it to function more efficiently. Using Lyme disease as an example of a weakened immune system, ozone has the ability to wake up a weakened immune system and make it function better.
  • Increases oxygen uptake in tissues and cells. As we mentioned above oxygen and energy work hand in hand, without energy cells will die. Ozone increases the amount of oxygen in our cells via red blood cells (RBCs).
  • Kills bacteria and stops a virus attaching itself to our cells.
  • Decreases oxidation in our body. When oxidation levels are too high it can create problems ozone help reduce and balance oxidation levels.

Medical Ozone has treated hundreds of different conditions successfully, too many to list have a look here.

Health Bunker

Nikola Tesla proved that Oxygen was the only gas that could pick up an electrical current. Obviously, water is also a good conductor of electricity. Our bodies run on an electrical charge, electricity is found in every corner of the human body. Our heartbeats and muscles are caused by the flow of charged ions. But our brains are where most of the electricity happens, about 100 billion conductive biological wires.

Ozone is active and reactive oxygen. No wonder ozone can achieve so many great things. The real issue is that most people me included only used it as a last resort when Lyme disease was at a chronic state. I can only dream of the outcome if we’d both had 10 pass ozone treatments at the very beginning.

The big question is why isn’t it taken seriously by the mainstream?

Two must-reads for anyone interested in ozone are;

The Miracle of Ozone by Dr Frank Shallenberger

Dr Saul Pressman called The Story of Ozone

If you would like to find Ozone 10 Pass treatments in the UK please contact the website.

Eat Well.Be Well.

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*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.



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