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Helps protect cells and keeps them healthy.



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Vitamin C is necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues. It’s involved in many bodily functions, including formation of collagen, absorption of iron, wound healing, and the maintenance of cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin C is also vital for cardiovascular health.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT) can take 1 hour to complete. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, which means we need it to live a healthy life and reduce the risk of chronic disease. Vitamin C is also essential for collagen production and increases energy.

We offer 3 Vitamin C treatments, 7.5g/15g/25g.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Protects Cells

Maintains Blood Vessels

Improves Wound Healing

Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C

Vitamin C is now used as a complementary therapy to help recovery from many illnesses. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, especially in hectic modern lifestyles where we are nutritionally deficient in important vitamins. Some studies have shown that higher levels of Vitamin C in the body may reduce health risks.

Humans cannot make their own Vitamin C or store it for it for long periods of time. This is because it is a water-soluble vitamin and we use and loose it. Vitamin C is essential for many enzyme reactions.

What to expect ?

Vitamin C is an essential Vitamin, it is a water-based nutrient and humans cannot synthesize this vitamin. Many clients can feel the effects during the actual treatment, and will continue over the following hours or even days.

You may feel re-energised, refreshed and revitalised, or see a reduction in general wear and tear. Clients have seen improvements in the skin condition, hair and nails. Inflammation may reduce and joints could be less stiff.

High Dose Vitamin C will contain;

7.5g/15g/25g of Vitamin C and 500ml of Isotonic Saline Solution.

What Vitamin C helps;

  • Vitamin C protect cells and keeps them healthy
  • Vitamin C stimulates iron absorption
  • Vitamin C can improve wound healing
  • Vitamin C maintaining healthy skin & blood vessels
  • Vitamin C stimulates collagen, bones and cartilage

Information Source: www.nhs.uk

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We offer a host of latest treatments, including a full complement of Ozone therapies, Vitamin and Nutrient IVs.

Treatment FAQs

High Dose Vitamin C (7.5g/15g/25g)

IVNT costs:

  • 7.5g £100
  • 15g £125
  • 25g £175

That is dependent of the individual.

We only use the very best ingredients and follow GMP standards.

Health Bunker Clinic offers a large selection of IVNT therapies.

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