Ozone 10 Pass Insufflations

Ozone Insufflations are effective against STDs, Thrush, IBS, Cohn’s, Candida and other infections.

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Ozone Insufflations (Rectal & Vaginal) Using the Herrmann Comfort, medical grade ozone is used to effectively help clear infections.

Ozone inserted in the colon, an ideal therapy for any intestinal, colon or digestive issues. Once in the intestine ozone turns into ‘hydrogen peroxide’ which is a powerful antioxidant. This procedure is done up to 10 times using up to 2 litres of ozone. Treatment takes approx. 45 mins.

Activates Cell Regeneration

Reduces Inflammation


Reduces Infections

Benefits Ozone 10 Pass Insufflations

There are many benefits of Ozone Insufflations. Diseases thrive in an anaerobic environment; ozone changes the landscape to aerobic making it difficult for infections to survive.

Oxygenation rejuvenates our internal playing field, cleansing, disinfecting and making it a less attractive place for diseases to thrive.
The main benefit of opting for rectal ozone therapy is the ability to achieve higher levels of oxygen in the gut and liver.

What is Ozone

Oxygen (O2) consists of 2 atoms. It is the most stable form of O2, it is colourless. Ozone is what makes the sky blue and is made from 3 Oxygen atoms or molecules. The third oxygen atom is what makes ozone really supercharged oxygen.

Ozone is the earth natural disinfectant. Ozone has been used for over a century to disinfect hospital wards, purify water, and clean wounds during WW1.

Ozone was further developed in Germany to treat various medical conditions in the early 1950s. Medical grade Ozone is widely used across Europe. It’s safety record when used correctly is unparalleled.

What can Ozone be used for?

There are many different Ozone modalities, here are a few reasons why it works well for macular degeneration and other chronic conditions.

  • Ozone regulates the immune system
  • Ozone can stimulate Oxygen uptake
  • Ozone can improve circulation
  • Ozone may increase antioxidant protection
  • Ozone possibly stimulates mitochondria protection and repair

Our Facilities/Clinic

Health Bunker Clinics only use experienced Nurses to guarantee the highest quality in client experience.

We offer a host of treatments, including a full complement of Ozone therapies, Vitamin and Nutrient IVs.

Treatment FAQs

There are different ozone treatments, so prices vary. Please contact us for further details.

That is dependent of the individual.

Is the Equipment Medical Grade?
We use Herrmann Medozon Comfort, medical grade ozone equipment called, manufactured in Germany.

Health Bunker Clinic offers a large selection of ozone therapies.

Please get in touch for further information on the treatments we offer.