What is good health?

10 August 2019

What is good health and what does it look like?

Every, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, health and wellness company including those pushing weight loss, all tell us the same thing. Look good, feel good, or look young feel young. How many times have you heard those phrases, but are they true?

In a word NO. Humans are obsessed with longevity and aesthetics, not health.

I also hear things like;

‘Well it was a shock, he was fit and well and in great form and looking great, I only played golf with him last week, and he suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack’.

The stark truth is this person was not as fit and well as he probably thought, he had a drinking problem, he was overweight, his diet was terrible, but he went to the gym 3 times a week and played a round of golf and walked the dog every day.

Superfit athletes also suddenly pass away as well so staying super fit can also cause health problems.

To look young, we inject BOTOX, it is made from a neurotoxin called ‘botulinum toxin’ which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. We inject this into our skin. Just 1 gram of this could kill 1 million people. This is called wellness!

So, what is the meaning of good health? A six-pack? Marathon running? Or living well without any defined health conditions.


What is the meaning of good health?

Health is big business, it’s also a belief system; we have handed over sovereignty of our health to the government. Whether you go NHS or Private they all basically operate the same way. Prescription drugs or operations, that’s your choice (apart from A&E or ChildBirth, and they still administer drugs and operations).

Most doctors are trained in universities to write prescriptions for drugs which they get from a manual, you see this when you go into an appointment, here are the presenting symptoms this is the drug required.

If you fall and break a leg, or collapse with a heart attack A&E is the best place no doubts. But if you need to reduce bad cholesterol, I personally wouldn’t take statins, these come along with side effects that are eventually worse than the initial illness.

What is the meaning of good health, below is an example of the number 1killer in the world.

cholesterol within a vein

What the BBC and other Lamestream media don’t tell you.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

So, how do you swim through the myriad of diets out there. I have to say it’s difficult for everyone. Limiting the bad stuff and having cheat days or treats as a reward is wrong on many levels. Why would you poison yourself and say it’s a treat?

We have been convinced that a Low Fat Carbohydrate  based diet is the healthiest way of eating for about 50 years. Scientists have been transfixed with high cholesterol from saturated fats causing CVD. But CVD is still the number 1 killer claiming about 170,000 lives in the UK alone and about 17.9 million globally (2016) according to The World Health Organization (WHO).

That means every 4 years we lose about the equivalent number of people in the UK. Or every year we lose the entire death toll of WW1. CVD did not really exist in anywhere near these numbers in 1914. So what’s happened?

Also by eating lower saturated fats in our diets has increased the risk factors and sufferers of illnesses like dementia. Simply because your brain has a higher cholesterol content than any other organ The Lancet.

Brain cells depend on HMG-CoA reductase to produce cholesterol. Low Level Density (LDL) cholesterol inhibitors like statins turn off the brain’s ability to produce this essential cholesterol. Statins are a patented drug derived from a plant, but they can’t patent a plant so they add synthetic ingredients to ‘red rice yeast’ and hey presto an LDL reducing drug.

This can lead to many future problems, like depression, dementia and other mental issues, which are long term side effects of the drug. Also there are 2 LDL’s one bad one good, these drugs inhibit both, as well as HDL’s (high density lipids) or good cholesterols.

According to the The British Medical Journal  (BMJ) global statin sales are expected to reach $1 trillion by 2020


The Modern Western diet is Addictive.

‘Sugar & High fructose corn syrup are as addictive as heroin’ according to Dr Robert Lustig a Metabolic Health and Nutrition expert, author of ‘Fat Chance’.

cholesterol within a vein
woman eating a fast food burger

We as individuals have to take some responsibility as well, we can’t just blame food companies. We have a choice. Diet is only one of a number of issues we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

The question is, why is it that more or less everything we consume, drink, breathe, or rub on our skin is toxic to us?

CVD, Cancer, Diabetes, Malaria, Obesity, mental health and more all growing at pandemic rates wiping millions of people off the face of the earth every year. And no-one asks why?


So, what is good health?  The absence of disease, physical mental and social improvements, better diets, cleaner air, more free time and physical fitness would help. But governments have been saying they are doing this for generations.

In the 1950s the Sugar companies were in the spotlight just like the tobacco industry. But they were being told sugar was causing CVD increases. So like the tobacco industry they decided to cover up the evidence and sponsor their own ‘INDEPENDENT’ research.

This research was done by a scientist named Dr Fredrick Stare of Harvard University funded by the Sugar Association Inc. Suprisingly he found that it wasn’t sugar after all but saturated fat that was causing the increase in CVD (shock horror sic).

What humans will do for money has never ceased to amaze me, but this research has literally wiped millions of people, off the earth silently.

But, there will be no trials or war crime style tribunals and there never will be.

Do your own research.

Eat Well. Be Well

Dom & Nic
It’s your life. Own it.

*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.



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