Treat Lyme Disease with Ozone Therapy

4 June 2019

What is Ozone?

It’s a question we get asked a lot. Then people look it up on the internet and read the mainstream information and come back and say it’s dangerous. On the face of it, it is true. If you breathe Ozone it can damage your lungs, no argument. So guess what don’t breathe it. Once you get past this little gatekeeper, the list of treatments you can perform is vast. Ozone or (O3) is a natural gas, made from 3 Oxygen (O2) atoms. It is blue in colour and has a very distinctive smell, after a thunderstorm, or if your dog comes in smelling of very fresh air. Well, that’s Ozone. It is Earth’s natural disinfectant.

Across Europe it’s been used for more than a century. There has been research conducted in Germany, Russia and Cuba mainly. It’s still used in hospitals today in Germany.


What is Does Ozone Actually Do?

Our bodies have a great potential to renew and regenerate themselves. But due to illnesses they need a helping hand. Medical ozone is a reactive form of oxygen, which in turn kickstarts a healing response. Ozone’s reactive properties stimulates your body, which in turn starts to remove blockages or impurities allowing our immune system to do what it does best.

Ozone has been found to help a lot of diseases;

  • It kickstarts or reactivates the immune system.
  • Oxygen utilization improvements.
  • Release of growth factors that stimulates damaged joints and degenerative disks to regenerate.
  • Ozone has demonstrated healing effects on numerous infectious diseases and kills bacteria/viruses.
  • Anti-aging properties.
  • May help eliminate free radicals.
Ozone therapy insufflation machine

What Different Ozone Therapy Can I Get?

Here are the ones we have used since 2009 at home and at various clinics;

1. Ozone Insufflation Therapy (Rectal Ozone, Vaginal Ozone)

Ozone insufflations, have to be high up on the list of treatments for Lyme disease you can do at home. They are very effective. We use them in conjunction with our ‘parasite protocol’. And for this along with some herbs has helped us reduce our Lyme symptoms by 75% in about 2 years. We have literally passed thousands of different parasites (see Parasite post).

How do you administer Ozone Rectal Insufflations?
Once you have your equipment. You fill a silicone insufflation bag (200-400ml) with gas. Attach a catheter, place it in the rectum and gently squeeze the bag. This feels at first like upside down ‘fart’. Once the gas hit your insides it turns to Hydrogen Peroxide. It will make you go to the toilet.


2. Ozone 10 Pass

How do you administer Ozone 10 Pass?

Ozone 10 Pass uses a specific Ozone Generator Machine ours is called a Medozone Comfort. This machine takes 200 ml of blood from a vein then infuses it with Medical Grade Ozone. It is then put back into you. This is performed 10 times hence 10 Pass. It took us about 40-45 mins but can take 60 mins plus, it’s dependent on quality of blood etc.

This procedure was devised by an Austrian gynaecologist named Dr. Johann Lahodny, and is probably the most successful Ozone method in use. However, the procedure has to performed by a trained medical practitioner like a nurse or Dr.

This was the most effective Lyme treatment we’ve had in over 10 years of Alternative Medicine trials and tribulations. Wow, this treatment was life changing. However, we waited for this treatment, chipping away with home treatments for 2 years. The reason was we wanted to get to a place where we felt were sufficiently detoxified and ready. We think it was effective because of this.

Ozone therapy insufflation machine

3. Ozone Steam Sauna Cabinet

This is a great way to get ozonated. An Ozone Steam Sauna was our first dip into buying equipment for home. This was in 2009.

How do you administer Ozone Sauna Sessions?
Ozone saunas warm up in about 15-20 mins, during that time you sit in a sealed cabinet with your head outside. Ozone is allowed to hit your skin. When I get out of the sauna reinvigorated, fresh. The amazing thing is when you heat up all your symptoms seem to disappear, very therapeutic for Lyme, pain, headaches, and infections. Sometimes most symptoms stay gone for the rest of the day.

Ozone Benefits (According to Salvagente)
Promotes better metabolism, detoxify the body, reduces the chances of cancer spreading, improve immune system, eliminates autoimmune diseases, purifies the blood, reduces chances of stroke, prevents degenerative diseases, boots circulation, stimulates healing, eliminates bacterial and viral infections, improves mineral absorption, relaxes muscles reducing lactic acid, oxidises toxins.

4. Ozone Injections

Frank Shallenberger from the United States devised a treatment called ‘Prolozone’. This is an injection of multi-nutrients and Ozone gas. If you go on YouTube you can watch Dr. Robert Rowan from the United States, showing these same treatments.

5. Drinking Ozonated Water

We make ozonated water at home, we drink it as an addition to our parasite cleanse. It has also been used as a water treatment.

6. Ozone Bagging

An Ozone proof bag is placed over say an arm or a leg. I had bad skin on my right hand. It is filled with ozone gas and left for about 15-20 mins. There are a few different ways to do this. I found it very helpful.

Ozone Benefits

  • Promotes better metabolism.
  • Detoxify the body.
  • Reduces the chances of cancer spreading when used with conventional treatments..
  • Improves the immune system.
  • It eliminates autoimmune diseases.
  • Purifies the blood.
  • Reduces chances of stroke.
  • Prevents degenerative diseases.
  • Boosts circulation.
  • Stimulates healing.
  • It eliminates bacterial and viral infections.
  • Improves mineral absorption.
  • Relaxes muscles reducing lactic acid.
  • Oxidises toxins.

Ozone Therapy for Lyme Disease

Ozone and Vitamin C are our 2 go-to treatment weapons to fight Lyme at home. Prior to being diagnosed with Lyme we used these and don’t really know how ill we would have been without them. We have since found more things that are part of the whole Lyme disease recovery. This is only my opinion, and I am not giving any medical advice here, Ozone treatments are very effective for Lyme disease.

Other Ozone Treatments

Ozone 10 Pass or insufflations and IV/oral Vitamin C are our 2 go-to treatment weapons to fight Lyme at home. We used these treatments prior to being diagnosed with Lyme and don’t really know how poorly we would have been without them. This is only my opinion, based on our experiences and I am not giving any medical advice here. All I can say is ozone treatments have been very effective for us.

Ozone Therapy UK

The more we spread the word, the more people will realise the benefit of using ozone, either for illness or just in everyday life for general health and wellbeing. There are not many clinics in the UK where you can get all these ozone treatments.

Health Bunker

Ozone does help, we are living proof of this. We can say with some honesty, we have had a lot of benefit from using Ozone Therapy in our battle against Lyme. So why doesn’t mainstream medicine use it? I can’t answer that, I have my own theories.

Be Well.

Dom and Nic
Health Bunker
It’s Your Life. Own it!

*Disclaimer – Please note, we are not Doctors or trained medical professionals. We are not giving medical advice. Check with your Doctor or health practitioner before trying anything.
All information for this Post/Video is from mainstream research sources.



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